Volunteer Opportunities

Help us preserve our history for generations to come

The volunteers who created our museum and those who staff it and maintain it are proud and pleased to offer to the public the history of the Geneva Lake area.  There is always more to be done. Updating displays, developing new display areas, helping with museum events, guiding and informing museum guests (docent), historical research, little projects and ongoing projects - all of this is done by volunteers.   If you really enjoy local history come share your time and talents with us! Click here to see the types of jobs our volunteers do. To volunteer, or to become a docent, contact the museum for details at 262-248-6060. Docents are requested to work twice a month for a three hour period of time (10am-1pm or 1pm-4pm week days or 12pm-3pm Sundays).  All docents will be thoroughly trained in their responsibilities.

Volunteer List – Can you Help us?

  • Docent/ Guide
  • Security
  • Chaperone Private Events
  • Sewing for exhibits
  • Painting projects
  • Set and take down for Tuesdays @ 2 and special events
  • Research
  • Scanning photos and documents for our Digital Library
  • Filing
  • Exhibits cleaning
  • Photo documentation of all exhibits
  • Phone communication about events and exhibits
  • Sewing for exhibits and education committee
  • Research for interpretation books(computer skills very helpful)
  • Organize files (keyboarding skills)
  • Cleaning experience: large and small projects
  • Green Thumb? Helps us flower up front door
  • Membership phone surveys: can be done at home
  • Hairdresser skills: our manikins need new do’s


No matter how YOU say it... GLM needs YOU!

Please consider joining our team, together we can continue to make a difference for our community and our guests. Computer usage, guest ambassador, tour leader, artifact assistant, as well as many other opportunities.

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Volunteer Opportunities

12-Month Internships, 2015–16

12 months internship require a minimum commitment of three days per week, one of which must be Tuesday. The schedule for the three days is 9:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. These internships are offered during the school year, coinciding with the spring semester. One must have a minimum of one and a half years of college completed (or equivalent) by January 2016 in order to apply.

Seasonal Programs

  • Length12 Months
  • 2015 TermJune 1–August 7
  • Apply tillMay 13, 2015
  • Stipend$3000
  • Share

Summer 2015 Internships

Summer internships are full-time. The schedule is Monday–Friday, 9:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. These internships are offered during the traditional summer break. One must have a minimum of two years of college completed (or equivalent) by summer 2015 in order to apply.

Download application form

How to Apply

Applying is as easy as filling any online form. We will be requiring your study certificates prior to enroll you in the program also a consent of parents is required as mandatory.

These internships are offered during the school year, coinciding with the fall semester. One must have a minimum of two years of college completed (or equivalent) by fall 2015 in order to apply.

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